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Things I read recently that I found interesting

Hello everyone, it’s round-up time!

Dyspraxia and Femininity (Screaming Violets)- I found a lot to relate to in this short piece on femininity, unfemininity, and living with a brain that makes you fucking drop things all the time.

I’m on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted by drones (Malik Jalal)- The very real, human consequences of drone strikes.

Dear Home Office, please don’t deport me to my death (Luqman Onikosi)- Theresa May seems to genuinely be trying to kill a lot of people.

Hollywood’s upcoming films prove it loves Asian culture – as long as it comes without Asians (Kelly Kanayama)- Looking at films coming out which will be erasing Asian characters, and why.

The ‘Human Computer’ Behind the Moon Landing Was a Black Woman (Nathan Place)- Celebrating Katherine Johnson, who sent men to the moon and brought them back safely.

Periods in Space Are Not That Different, Though a Bit More Complicated (Pam Belluck)- Everything you ever wanted to know about menstruating in space, and options for stopping it.

How Trans Women Are Reclaiming Their Orgasms (Kai Cheng Thom)- A beautiful article on trans women, sexuality and moving past the obstacles created.

Aphantasia: How It Feels To Be Blind In Your Mind (Blake Ross)- I read this this morning and it kind of surprised me, because my own experience is similar to the author’s, and I’d gone through my whole life thinking phrases like “mental image” or “visualise” were metaphorical.

A Trafficking Survivor Shares Why She’s Anti-Criminalization (Kitty Stryker interviews Mercedes)- Content warning for CSA. Listen to a voice so often silenced or instrumentalised.

Germaine Greer: transphobe. Homophobe. Misogynist. (Aiofe O’Riordan)- Why we should stop even pretending that GG is a feminist.

‘Sex is fine… as long as it’s with The One’: why too little sex education is a dangerous thing (Justin Hancock)- Exploring the dangers of how sex education is provided when the curriculum is rushed.

UC Davis trying to hide online proof of abuse– UCD are spending rather a lot of money on covering this up, don’t let them!

Fictional Cops I Love, Ranked By How Guilty I, As An Anarchist, Feel For Loving Them (Sadie the Goat)- Not gonna lie, I related to this so goddamn hard.

Guardian Cryptic, 15th April (Arachne)- If you like puzzles and hate the police, you might enjoy this cryptic.

And finally, my lovely pal needs surgery to get rid of their breasts. Can you help by sharing or donating?

Things I read recently that I found interesting

It’s the links round-up again. Hopefully this one will be the last one with Pigfucky McTaxDodger as Prime Minister. We can hope, anyway.

Jean Charles de Menezes and the limits of human rights (Gracie Mae Bradley)- Exploring the limits of human rights law, and how it allowed the killing of an innocent person.

I am not a good rape victim (Priyanka Poddar)- Examining the demands put upon rape survivors.

Being a dark-skinned woman and the prejudices we face (Bridget Minamore)- Shadeism faced by black women and growing up “too dark”, and the beauty in dark skin.

Interview with Judith Butler (Sara Ahmed)- Two faves sit down together and thrash issues out.

Mr Cynicism goes to Panama (piercepenniless)- On the importance of the Panama papers.

Tabletop Gaming has a White Male Terrorism Problem (Latining)- A look at the issues within the tabletop gaming community perpetrated by white men.

Why it’s okay to be angry (Lola Phoenix)- How anger can be useful, and how it is maligned.

‘Her nose was straight with a soft tip at the end’ — Writing Race at School (Clare Warner)- The very real impact of mostly-white set texts which are required reading in schools.

And finally, the robot uprising is beginning to affect cats. I for one welcome our new feline robot overlords.

Things I read recently that I found interesting

Happy azymite Easter! Here’s some things I read recently that I found interesting.

I Was Played by a Male Feminist (Rachel Fisher)- Personal story of an all-too-common phenomenon. This is why we don’t trust “male feminists”.

When you want to be into BDSM but it’s too soon because you’re black (Luna Mallbroux)- On wanting pain and domination when there’s horrible generational trauma–and people who still keep it alive.

Dear Able-Bodied Partner (Carrie)- How to be a good partner to disabled people.

When Abortion Restrictions Increase, Women Start Googling How to Do It at Home (Christina Cautericci)- A look at the numbers which suggest that abortion restrictions do nothing to restrict abortion.

Facebook is a growing and unstoppable digital graveyard (Brandon Ambrosino)- This is a very interesting piece, exploring what happens after you die on social media.

My Auntie Buffalo Bill: The Unavoidable Transmisogyny of Silence of the Lambs (Jos Truitt)- Laying out the elephant in the room with SotL: massive transmisogyny.

The Pace of Queer Time (Lila)- This is a very sweet article talking about time when queers do not have a defined chronology.

Black Lives Matter and the ‘Irish slave’ myth (Norma Costello)- It’s become popular to call Irish people the “first slaves”, and this is nonsense. Here’s why.

Our Black Transgender Marriage Is Not Revolutionary (Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley and Matthew Richardson)- Why sometimes just being isn’t enough.

Spycops inquiry: ‘If it’s in secret, it’s dead in the water’ (Kate Thomas)- Why the inquiry into undercover police tricking women into relationships must be completely open.

I was 14 when Tara died on Buffy (Open Letters to Jason)- Heartbreaking letter on the continuing trope of killing off lesbians, and how that crushes young queer women.

And finally, there’s something about this picture and this tiny amount of explanation that is just hypnotic.


Things I read recently that I found interestng

It’s that time again–yes, it’s a little late, but I was in Cornwall and they didn’t have much internet there.

The Right to Remain Toolkit– A useful resource for migrants and asylum seekers, giving advice about rights and guiding through the processes. Share it widely.

What This Leaked Training Manual Tells Us About the Government’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy (Wail Qasim)- Analysis of a leaked Prevent handbook.

Closing the Loop (Aria Dean)- Critiquing the very basic politics of visibility, selfies and whiteness.

What do sex workers want? (Toni Mac) – This TED Talk is a must-watch, exploring options for sex workers.

We speak but you don’t listen: migrant sex worker organising at the border (Ava Caradonna & X:Talk Project)- Migrant sex workers explain what’s needed beyond decriminalisation.

We support Jeremy Corbyn on decriminalisation (English Collective of Prostitutes)- On how austerity, too, needs to be reversed.

Bisexuality and mental health: the double edged sword of stigma (Stephanie Farnsworth)- Exploring the intersections and some horrible attitudes which are still prevalent among the public and health providers alike.

Wild gorillas compose happy songs that they hum during meals (New Scientist)- I relate to this finding, so goddamn hard.

Dear Nicky Morgan: yes/no testing? The answer’s no (Michael Rosen)- Yet another absurd Tory idea for education, gloriously destroyed here.

Bathrooms and locker rooms: the transgender witch hunt (Zinnia Jones)- This is a great look at what could be done to make public toilets safer for everyone.

My secret debate with Sam Harris: A revealing 4-hour dialogue on Islam, racism & free-speech hypocrisy (Omer Aziz)- What really happens when white atheist bros want to “debate” you? They still come off badly and censor it, as it happens.

Cis Fragility (Morgan Potts)- On how cis people assert their cisness, every day.

Peter Tatchell: For the record (Fran Cowling)- For some reason, the media haven’t been interested in Fran’s side of the story, so sharing the fuck out of it.

Yes, Even Dommes Experience Misogyny (Lauren Parker)- Outlining the types of misogyny faced by dominant women.

Twitter’s New Timeline Isn’t About Usability, It’s About Tracking Your Behavior (Vijuth Assar)- If the fact it’s annoying isn’t enough to get you to turn it off, maybe this will.

What Headbutting a Homophobe on a Night Bus Taught Me About Political Violence (James Butler)- Reflections on political violence in this deeply personal piece.

“Magic in North America”: The Harry Potter franchise veers too close to home (Adrienne K.)- Examining JK Rowling’s recent Harry Potter story and how it appropriates Indigenous cultures.

And finally, let’s see Blue Monday played on faddy 1930s instruments. I’m a particular fan of the musical saw.

Things I read this week that I found interesting

It’s the weekly round-up, for once actually done a week after the last one!

You Are Oppressing Me! (Sara Ahmed)- On screaming censorship as a PR tactic, standards of evidence and killjoys. This is an absolute must-read.

Gay Imperialism: Gender and Sexuality Discourse in the ‘War on Terror’ (Jin Haritaworn, with Tamsila Tauqir and Esra Erdem)- This chapter is a good read. Defender of freedom of speech Peter Tatchell thought it was a bit rude about him so had the book pulped. Seriously. Read it for that reason alone.

A Sophisticated Insult: A Critique of the Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Diagnosis (Amy Silbergard)- An in-depth look at BPD diagnoses, and how they enable doctors to abuse.

Inside the public galleries that will destroy courts (Wail Qasim)- A radical article on court galleries, with just a little bit of theatrical analysis.

Luqman Onikosi’s deportation shows we are all being asked to become border guards (Alana Lentin)- How universities are being forced to do the UKBA’s dirty work for them.

A Kind of Grace (Hannah Black)- This is a beautifully-written article on safer spaces.

I Don’t Need White Progressives Telling Me, A Queer Muslim, About Homophobia In Islam (Aaminah Khan)- This is a terrible habit white progressives have that needs breaking. Here’s why.

And finally,  My Mom Interned at a Non-Profit and Now All Her Emails are Different. idk if this is funnier if you’ve had a job involving writing emails for non-profits, but it made me cackle.


Things I read recently that I found interesting

Hi and welcome to the semi-regular links roundup! Here are some things I read recently that I found interesting.

Feminism and Fragility (Sara Ahmed)- This is glorious, a longread on breaking and the fragments coming together.

‘Sorry, we can’t ban everything that offends you’ – the Julie Bindel school of fighting the wrong fight (Jonathan Boniface)- Shit that shouldn’t need saying, said very very well indeed.

You went back to being a man? (Wail Qasim)- Wail attacks femmephobia in the gay community.

“I Sit on Her Face All Day”: A Conversation on Sex and Wheelchairs– Wheelchair users talk to each other about sex, their wheelchairs, and assumptions made about them.

A feminist’s guide to making guys like Roosh V irrelevant (Eleanor Robertson)- Perhaps the most effective solution to men like Roosh V.

Roosh V is your comrade (ItIsIWhoWillIt)- Uncomfortable truths.

How Full-Time Airbnb Landlords Are Making the Housing Crisis Even Worse (Corin Faife)- They’re also probably breaking the law, so while I don’t usually advocate telling the authorities, I’m willing to make exceptions!

7 Things That Happen When You’re The Child Of An Alcoholic (Seaneen Molloy-Vaughan)- Brutally honest, beautifully written.

The real reasons we are silent about depression (Sean Faye)- Warts-and-all look at depression, and how it makes it impossible to talk about itself.

The Three Letter Word Missing From the Zika Virus Warnings (Paula Young Lee)- Zika Virus warnings are putting all of the responsibility onto women, when someone else is involved in causing a pregnancy…

Sheryl Sandberg and Christine Lagarde have done nothing to advance feminism (Dawn Foster)- A shortread, summing up a lot of the arguments presented in Dawn’s book, Lean Out, which you should totally read, here’s why.

Tory Smear Campaign: ‘Playing dirty’ Tricks with Women’s Lives (Sisters Uncut)- Sisters Uncut have uncovered a scandal. A Portsmouth councillor is planning on smearing them. Read this, and remember if the smear comes out.

Cat Funerals in the Victorian Era (Mimi Matthews)- My new aesthetic. But seriously, this is a very interesting article on a little bit of forgotten history.

Support for the Empire Shows it Matters Who Controls the Past (Tom Cutterham)- A recent poll found high levels of people proud of the British Empire. This is perhaps largely to do with how we look at its history.

“But, do you think Empire was really all that bad?” (Maya Goodfellow)- And in case you’re wondering just what’s so godawful about the British Empire, here’s a brief overview.

To Fall Free: Overcoming Cultural Cringe (Benjanun Sriduangkaew)- Meditations on how Thailand is represented in literature. Worth reading her short story That Which Stands Tends Toward Free Fall after.

A successful black woman saying “I deserve this” is exactly what we need (Bridget Minamore)- On the Oscars, and how Shonda Rhimes is doing great things for television, which we must hope to see translated into film.

Does AA have a problem with women? (Sean Faye)- The second from Sean this week, because she’s just that good. This is a great article, with stories from women about awful things they encountered.

Why I Just Dropped The Harassment Charges The Man Who Started GamerGate. (Zoe Quinn)- This is sadly too common a story: how charges are dropped.

Why Won’t Hipsters Integrate? (Raf)- Tongue-in-cheek, makes a damn good point and pissed off all the right people, that’s how satire should work.

And finally, oh holy shit, it’s another kitten cam!

Things I read recently that I found interesting

It’s the getting-irregular-again link roundup! There’s a lot of links, which suggests to me I should probably pull my finger out and start doing these regularly again.

This Tortoise Could Save a Life– One of Alan Rickman’s last voiceover credits. It’s a lovely video, and clicks go to charity, so click if you haven’t already.

Sick Woman Theory (Johanna Hedva)- If you read one thing this week, make it this superb, in depth analysis of sickness and its intersections.

Is mindfulness making us ill? (Dawn Foster)- This is certainly tallies with my own experience of mindfulness: Dawn examines the dodgy ideologies and negative effects of mindfulness.

Gender recognition, some basic demands (DrCable)- What things are necessary for trans and non-binary people’s basic legal recognition? Here’s a good place to start.

The secret life of the NHS (Sophie Walton)- Lending context to the junior doctors’ strike, an overview of what’s being done to the NHS.

Notes Towards a Theory of the Manarchist (Ray Filar)- A rather comprehensive look at the creature we call the manarchist.

Here’s What Happened When Black People Tried Armed Occupation (Carimah Townes)- A little history lesson, contextualising the response to those white supremacists in Oregon.

Parliament’s New Sex Work Inquiry Looks Like a Witch Hunt (Frankie Mullin)- The much-vaunted inquiry has set up its frame in a way which will not help sex workers.

Blog series: Bipolar pregnancy, birth and beyond (The Secret Life Of A Manic Depressive)- You’ve probably seen or heard about Stacey’s plot on EastEnders, now read about the reality.

Why does the man behind ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sherlock’ still have a job? (Aja Romano)- A neat precis on everything godawful about Moff. Also, who else is fucking delighted he’s going from Doctor Who? Ding fucking dong. Fuckety bye.

What to do with a problematic fave (Lola Phoenix)- On Bowie and Severus Snape, and mourning while acknowledging the huge problems.

The House of Surrender (Laurie Penny)- Speculative fiction, in a future where the most violent choose sanctuary. Penny is a gifted fiction writer and this is well worth a read.

How to Have Sex on Your Deathbed (Dr Sharon Bober/Simon Davis)- The title is pure clickbait, but this article is actually a nuanced look at the taboos and issues surrounding end-of-life and sex.

Is Ireland about to become the pinkwashing capital of the world? (Niamh Ni Mhaoileoin)- Ireland is not progressive. Here’s why.

Navigating Non Escalator Relationships (polysingleish)- This is a really sweet article on celebrating milestones when your relationship isn’t of the standard form.

Facebook and How UIs Twist Your Words (Chantal Jandard)- How those pop-up FB chat windows can make you look desperate. This is a really good look at the effect of user interfaces, with an experiment!

The DIY Scientist, the Olympian, and the Mutated Gene (David Epstein)- A long read, showing people living with long-term conditions seem to know more about their conditions than their doctors.

What I Would Have Said To You Last Night Had You Not Cum and Then Fallen Asleep (Reina Gattuso)- This is a great, funny, relatable piece on orgasm disparities and gender.

And finally, did you know Aragorn totally shouldn’t be king, and Middle Earth sucks balls? Read all about why in this very enjoyable bit of fanwankery delving into Aragorn’s genealogy and the basis for his claim.

And one more thing while I’m at it. Artist @KivaBay drew this amazing portrait of me. Kiva is an incredible artist who you can follow on twitter @KivaBay (she’s also a wicked feminist, if you enjoy following me, you’ll enjoy following her) and support on Patreon.



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