A small thread on housing and couples

…that I think you’ll enjoy. Read.



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3 responses to “A small thread on housing and couples

  • Robofish

    Twitter threads have always confused me, but I think I followed that. It’s very true. I’m fortunate that I have enough money to be able to rent a place by myself without being forced into a relationship, but approximately 99% of Londoners aren’t in the same position.

    This isn’t even to mention the horrible consequences of unaffordable housing in terms of perpetuating domestic abuse, which is obvious to anyone who’s worked in that area.

  • Alter Bolschewik

    Well, I can confirm your intuition. I’m now not living with my beloved for nearly 30 years. And I am convinced that this is one of the main reasons why we are still together after this long time.

  • Alex

    Already looking forward to the relationships of the future where John McDonnell has created full housing by confiscating all the Tory second homes.

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