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Things I read recently that I found interesting

Hi. I’ve been a bit lax on these round-up posts recently, so here’s a crop of stuff I read recently. Enjoy.

The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker (John H. Richardson)- Amazing article about Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, and the state of play over there.

On the “dispute” between radical feminism and trans people (Juliet Jacques)- This article is so good I actually linked to the New Statesman.

Mentalism and Motherhood (Being Mentally Interesting)- On the issues affecting women with mental health issues who want to have kids.

I Tried Cosmo’s Lesbian Sex Tips and They Were Terrible (Samantha Allen)- Hilarious. Very, very hilarious.

Darling, We Don’t Play With Our Vulvas At The Table (Lea Grover)- On the complex line one needs to walk with kids and their body curiosity.

My Last Two Partners Died, And Three Years Later I’m Trying To Date Again (Kelli Dunham)- Sweet, sad personal story.

ABD Company (Rebecca Schulman)- Glad to see the issues of not finishing a PhD are getting more mainstream attention.

London evicts. Women and children first, thanks (Kate Belgrave)- On the gendered violence of evictions.

White hipsters, not black looters, are now threatening post-riots London (Pauline Pearce)- Gentrification is destroying communities, and here’s how.

A Brief History of the Jobcentre (Gabriel Bristow)- A digestible article about the history and function of the Jobcentre.

This Is What Disability Binarism Looks Like (That Crazy Crippled Chick)- On a disablist meme that is still doing the rounds, and how this line of thought is very prevalent.

Transgender Women in New York State Prisons Face Solitary Confinement and Sexual Assault (Solitary Watch)- A horrifying glimpse at conditions.

Take off the cape: Why using the word “rescue” is harmful to anti-trafficking efforts (CCASA)- Good intentions. Road to hell is paved with them.

It’s scary not shaving your armpits, but I’ll never pick up a razor again (Reni Eddo-Lodge)- An excellent article on body hair.

My Thoughts on the Block Bot, as a User and a Member of the Blocking Team (Sarah Brown)- How a simple tool can make the Twitter experience better.

This is what dysphoria feels like (A gentleman and a scholar)- A rather heartbreaking post, well worth reading.

And finally, lukewarm girl-on-girl action. Mmmm, tepid.

Things I read this fortnight that I found interesting

I read things. Here are some recent interesting things.

Palestine: 6 simple acts of international solidarity (Jenny Nelson)- Some things you can do for the people of Palestine.

Feminism at the Speed of Light (Nina Power)- Analysis of how the internet changed feminism.

It’s Time for White Feminists to Stop Talking About Solidarity and Start Acting (Kesiena)- A rousing call to arms.

Trig Reciprocal Functions: I’m a Trans Woman Adjunct Prof and I Use Trigger Warnings (aiofeschatology)- Shit that shouldn’t need to be said, said well.

My Son Wears Dresses and That’s OK With Me (Seth Menachem)- This family seems very sweet and supportive.

‘Toxic Wars’ vs. Conscientious Feminism (Minna Salami)- This is just wonderful.

Woman Enough (Roz Kaveney)- A primer on TERfs.

Black Trans Women and Street Harassment (TGirlInterrupted)- A series of tweets on the topic.

Cops and robbers: how the police became our new favourite video game villains (Phil Hartup)- Why do video games have so many levels where you murder loads of cops?

The Trouble With “Lady Parts” (Parker Molloy)- On why that phrase is unnecessary and exclusionary.

The Tulisa Sting Wasn’t Just Classist, It Was Informed by a Racism That Associated Her With Criminality (Reni Eddo-Lodge)- Very useful analysis of the Tulisa sting.

And finally, on a serious note, Medical Aid for Palestine are doing good work, but need your help to keep going. Can you donate?


Things I read this week that I found interesting

I read things, and I find the interesting. Here are some of them from this week.

But WHAT CAN BE DONE: Dos and Don’ts To Combat Online Sexism (Leigh Alexander)- Some constructive advice for men to meet minimal standards of basic human decency.

White feminism (via @renireni)- This comic explains the issues pretty well, in just two panels.

Coming forward (Squeamish Bikini)- On the horrid public response to Vanessa Feltz’s revelation about abuse she experienced.

Suarez got a longer ban for biting than racism (Jude Wanga)- Excellent analysis of the issues surrounding Suarez.

‘Feminist knickers’ show off everything that’s wrong with Twitter feminism (Brooke Magnanti)- Brooke explores symbolic action and a certain breed of Twitter activism.

Free supplement on epilepsy (Nature)- Nature have an open-access supplement all about epilepsy and there’s some really interesting articles in there, and I couldn’t pick just one because they were all really cool and interesting!

Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture (Sierra Mannie)- This article pissed off white gay men somewhat, to nobody’s surprise.

Things Other People Taught me about Liking Girls (radandangry)- This is beautifully written.

On hearing the news this morning about NICE and WLS (Obesity Timebomb)- Analysis of the news that there will be a lot more gastric band operations in the near future.

And finally, what if Disney princesses were in an OitNB-style prison? Fuck it, also have some cats falling over.

Things I read this week that I found interesting

Hello people. I read things with my eyes and brain. Perhaps you will find them interesting too.

6 Women on Their Terrifying,Infuriating Encounters WithAbortion Clinic Protesters (Liz Welch)- Experiences from the States.

Gender, Sex, Biology & Transwomen (TGirlInterruptd)- Critique of biologically essentialist positions and gendering biology.

Gender, Orphan Black & The Meta Of Meta (foz meadows)- On misogyny in fandom’s reaction to some female characters.

Coming Out Simulator (Nick Case)- A touching way of telling a personal coming-out story.

Salome (Clementine von Radics)- Quite a beautiful piece about Kim Kardashian. Really.

Hair does not make the woman, Sarah Ditum (M. A. Melby)- Important takedown of some transmisogynistic, femmephobic bollocks that’s been floating around recently.

And finally, some good news. My very best friend in the whole wide world has suffered for more than two years from malicious behaviour from the police. It’s finally all over for her! Yay!


Things I read recently that I found interesting

Well. It’s been rather a while since I’ve written one of these round-ups, because I’ve been doing work (if you hate our media, you should sign this petition to piss the rich white fuckers off) (also, if you love me, please sign up to this Thunderclap. It will help me times a billion.) I’ve also been busy getting trolled to ribbons by the sort of person who likes picketing lesbian pride parades, which hasn’t been much fun, but they’re spitting feathers I’m still going.

Anyway, there’s a corresponding huge fuckoff stack of things I read in the last few weeks that I found interesting. Maybe you will, too.

Will gay rights and feminist movements please return to your assumptions (Rewriting The Rules)- On binary assumptions which just won’t go away.

9 Visions of Utopia from Broadmarsh Shopping Centre (Judy Thorne)- All people want is communism and robots and I can get behind that 100%

Losing Pride (Huw Lemmey)- On how Pride in London has evolved to be miles away from its roots.

Gatekeepers get written about: how the media shuts out trans voices (J Mase III)- Excellent and useful piece, proved right again and again, sadly.

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Went On A Date With An MRA (xoJane)- This is, sadly, the sort of thing I’d expected dating these men to be like. Trigger warning for misogyny and violence.

I Was Sexually Assaulted By Someone I Thought Was A Feminist And An Ally (Black Girl Dangerous)- …but don’t trust those nice, safe-seeming men any more. Same trigger warnings apply as above.

Cis Privilege (Cis Is Not A Dirty Word)- Some may find this privilege checklist a useful resource.

PurrVerse: The Mean Girls Of Lesbian Porn (Kitty Stryker)- On body policing in lesbian porn.

How sexist video game animators keep failing women (Aja Romano)- Take-down of the whine “women are too hard to animate” refrain.

“Game of Thrones” fails the female gaze: Why does prestige TV refuse to cater erotically to women? (Lili Loofbourow)- Why doesn’t Game of Thrones give women something to look at?

For The Billionth Time, Magneto Is Not Malcolm X (Muslim Reverie)- Brilliant post on the politics of X Men and appropriation and the handling of mutants of colour.

Jane Doe, Trans Women, and the Myth of the Perfect Victim (Katherine Cross)- On the demand for perfect victims in order for cis people to care.

Five Reasons why “If Modern Anarchists fought in Spain” isn’t Funny or Clever.  (Self Certified)- Taking down some manarcho-douchebag wankery.

Luis Suarez, the perfect mascot for this World Cup; or, “Aliens are Watching the World Cup”. (Musa Okwonga)- Lovely post about synecdoche.

And finally, I love Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne in Orange Is The New Black. Here she is doing all of the other characters. Her Alex is particularly good.


Things I read this week that I found interesting

Or rather, this fortnight. Getting a little lax on these. Been working a new job, in case you missed it. Definitely worth signing this petition. Anyway, here’s some things I’ve been reading.

On Whether You Have A Right To Sex (girlonthenet)- This really shouldn’t need to be said, but it’s said well.

On Continuing to Live In the Same World that Made Elliot Rodger (and Many Like Him) (Rachel)- Beautiful piece about living under misogyny.

Maya Angelou: a phenomenal woman (Reni Eddo-Lodge)- A touching obituary for a remarkable woman.

5 Reflections on the European Election Results (Novara)- Useful analysis of what happened.

Trigger warnings and toothpicks. (sometimes, it’s just a cigar)- On the importance of trigger warnings.

An open letter to privileged people who play devil’s advocate (Juliana)- Are you this dick? Don’t be this dick.

Brown beauty: from TV to the high st the beauty industry is still racist (Reni Eddo-Lodge)- Reni explores the racism in the beauty industry.

No country for young women: Honour crimes and infanticide in Ireland (Stephanie Lord)- Disturbing and upsetting, important to know.

Not All Men, Redux. (That Pesky Feminist)- I wish we didn’t need to keep saying this, but Tilly says it so goddamn well.



Things I read this fortnight that I found interesting

So, I didn’t do a round-up last week, because it was my birthday. This is hardly a bumper issue of round-up either, because I have some good life news: I have a job for the next few months. And as part of my job, I’m going to encourage you all to get angry about who owns the media: the power is horribly concentrated among a few very rich people, which is why it all sucks so hard. You can read about the full extent of the problem here, and if it pisses you off, sign and share this petition to get the issue on the agenda in Europe.

Back to your regularly scheduled link round-up of some things I read.

I was arrested 75 times: how violent policing destroys mental health (Emily Apple)- Must-read article on a sadly all-too-common policing tactic.

Why Ed Miliband (and almost everyone else) defended Nigel Farage as “not-racist” (justinthelibsoc)- A reminder of the general structural racism of politics.

Anti-Fascism One Year On From The Lee Rigby Murder (South London Anti Fascists)- A short examination of the current state of affairs, and what we need to respond to.

Not All Men, a Villanelle (Ideology)- Basically says what we’re all thinking, jauntily.

Strategic misogyny- Initiative collating stories of sexism in academia.

Please don’t describe my work as ‘eloquent’ (Reni Eddo-Lodge)- Reni explains the racism and classism underlying the word “eloquent”.

The Dangers of a Single Book Cover: The Acacia Tree Meme and “African literature” (Africa is a Country)- I hadn’t noticed this racist trope until this article put it across really neatly.

On bell, Beyonce’, and Bullshit (Crunk Feminist Collective)- This post nails it and you should read it.

Why we can’t have nice things: A Gender Week post-mortem (Roz Kaveney)- Roz looks at what went wrong.

Breaking Barriers: Why I’m Just Not Angry at HIV+ Porn (Kitty Stryker)- An excellent post on porn and stigma and STIs.

My speech for the Manchester IDAHOBIT vigil (Jen Tumblring)- Always worth remembering biphobia exists.

While Writing for ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ I Realized I Am Gay (Lauren Morelli)- Rather touching coming-out story.

Brain studies find that concern for justice and equality is linked to logic, not emotion. (Lisa Wade)- Short overview of the science. Worth noting that even if it had turned out this was driven by emotion it wouldn’t make it any less valid.

And finally, a livestream of some kittens named after Douglas Adams characters. Look at their tiny noses!


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