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Wrote a thing about Ian Watkins

You can find it here. Major trigger warning for abuse.

Wrote a thing about rape apologism

A particularly tired example of it. It’s in Indy Voices. It might interest you. Don’t read below the line.

Wrote a thing

It’s about the rape porn ban. Argument may be familiar to regular readers, so you get to address the question, “What did happen to all the white dog poo?”.

In which I do my bit for poly visibility

I did a thing in ES Magazine about my poly life.

P.S. Yes, they got my name wrong. I’m not too fussed. I rather like being Stavvers.

After a half-assed tweet, they’be put it under my actual name, which umis also ace, as I rather like my IRL name. As a bonus, now when you google Zoe Stavri, you’ll probably get “five-in-a-bed romps”, which means I have a decent lawsuit against any potential employers who won’t interview me ;)

So I, like, won something (and am really fucking surprised)

Remember how last week I begged you to vote for me in the RWL Awards in a rather undignified fashion? Well, you lot granted my wish and I actually won.

I’ll admit I’m shocked. My category was strong as fuck, and I never expected someone like me to win. I’m aware I’m scary and weird and basically blog about why everyone else is wrong except me, so I’m massively surprised that people are OK with that. That people actually agree with me, and appreciate what I’m doing. I honestly didn’t think that was the case. I expect what I do to make me unpopular, a lone howl of rage into the abyss.

I started blogging for me, and for me alone. To get the fury I feel at the world off my chest; to cathartically spit fire to save me from punching things that oughtn’t to be punched; to shout, however ineffectually, against the dominant narrative. I’ve never really expected anyone to be even moderately interested.

That you are, and that you support me means a lot to me. I can’t quite believe that anyone cares what I have to think, but I appreciate that you do. It’s been fucking bizarre for me, seeing this level of support, seeing what I can do to help in the tiny little way I can, shouting ever-so-slightly louder against the dominant narrative. I never expected this, and I couldn’t have done it without you listening to me.

So thank you. Thank you for listening and supporting, no matter how quietly. Thank you for making me feel like I’m not alone in my foul-mouthed anger. I’ll keep doing what I do no matter what, but it makes things so much easier knowing I have you all by my side.

A request for a favour

Hello lovely readers. You’re ace, you are. Well, most of you. The ones who don’t hate-read it to get a creaking rage-boner, anyway.

Today, I’d like you all to do me a tiny weeny little favour that will take about five minutes. I’ve found myself nominated for an RWL Award, which is very exciting as I never get nominated for anything usually.

I’m in awesome company in my category, and probably wouldn’t mind if any of them won, but I’ve never won anything in my life, so obviously I’d really like it to be me.

Can you take two seconds to vote for me?

Pretty please?

Pretty please with an improbably large pile of dessert toppings on the top?

Voting closes at midday tomorrow, Tuesday 19th March.

Make me feel happy inside and toss me a vote!

<3 xoxoxo Zoe

ETA: How very rude of me not to give you a little something to sweeten the deal. As a thank-you, here is a high-res stream of some kittens. You’re welcome.

I’m on the radio talking about sex and hierarchy

I’m on The Circled A show talking about sex and hierarchy with Donnacha DeLong and Laurie Penny. If you want to hear what my voice sounds like, now’s your chance.

Media feminists and intersectionality

I’m in the Occupied Times writing on media feminists and intersectionality.

PE lessons

I’m in the Indy, writing about the ritual humiliation of PE lessons and how to make it better 

I’m in the Indy, writing about Savile

I wrote a thing about Savile for the Indy, and how there’s nothing particularly remarkable about the case. Unfortunately, the mainstream media are a bit jumpy about putting certain things in, so there’s a paragraph missing. It provides some examples of rape apologism, and goes above the one about how silencing doesn’t come from speaking ill of the dead:

It’s hardly surprising, then, that information about Savile only came to light after his death: experience of rape is something that society trains people out of talking about. Take, for example, senior BBC executives explaining why they spiked the Newsnight episode detailing allegations against Savile saying “it was not the worst kind of sexual offences” or it was based on evidence from “just the women”. The former falls into a similar vein as Congressman Todd Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape”or Ken Clarke’s controversial “serious rape” comments.  It suggests that some cases of sexual violence are less important, less pressing, and less important to be dealt with. The latter suggests that the word of the survivor is not to be believed, and contributes strongly to a culture which silences people from speaking up.

Also taken out was a reference to police officer Ryan Coleman-Farrow, who was imprisoned for actively foiling rape investigations.


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